Restructuring Our Great World

How the MyGreatWorld-Project evolves ....

.... and how you can contribute !

Since the World we are living in is unique and enchanting in its manifold discrepances we offer a platform for everyone, to share special moments, to participate in the life of fellow men and - ultimately - to enjoy the beauty and diversity of life on planet earth.

This URL is part of a family of alternative internet-sites for photographers, travellers, dwellers and friends - worldwide. The idea behind all MyGreat-Pages traces back to a fundamental belief in open and free service, easy accessability and a fast and simple structure.

If you have something to tell about [Land / Stadt], something to depict and to portray to others, don't hesitate: write it down here, share your feelings, information and your recommendations and become a member of the fast growing international community of travel- and homeland-enthusiasts who love their country.

Every single contribution, be it long or short, funny or serious, elaborate or straight is welcome here. Just register, login and hit the keyboard ... for the world to see [Land / Stadt] with your eyes. And if you are more into capturing the moments of life visually, you are invited to upload any photo to the open, fast and free photocommunity at